Kelco’s Landscaping & Construction division is the core of the organization, which is responsible for most of the built works and projects within Kelco. Built as a full service landscape organization, Kelco’s Landscaping and Construction division is a full service division with the staff and resources and equipment which can handle any landscape project at any particular scale. From small-scale garden installations to large urban park construction, Kelco’s landscaping and construction division has been the core division of the organization from the company’s inception. Kelco self performs most, if not all of its work and, unlike most regional landscape contractors, is able to manage and deliver a full service landscape and construction capability and suite of services.

As Kelco has grown over the past 20+ years as an organization we have recognized the benefit of self-performing most of a projects’ scope of work. With a field and administrative staff of over 80+ employees Kelco is able to perform general construction and site work services on some of the area’s most demanding and complex landscape projects. As our region’s projects become more and more complex and integrated our General Construction and Site work division is an invaluable source to many of our clients and collaborators.

Kelco’s Green Roofs division specializes in the unique project typology of any landscape project on structure or “in the air” essentially on rooftops throughout our dense metropolis of the New York Tri-State area. Our AIRscapes division solely focuses on the unique set of challenges, logistics, process, systems, and materials associated with over structure or rooftop projects. Our crews are highly experienced in what it takes to implement any on structure project and have mastered the working conditions of each project typology levering cranes, freight elevators, working overtime hours, weekends, nights and whatever it takes to environmentally impact our cities urban landscape. Greenroofs and Roof gardens have grown exponentially in the past 10 years and Kelco’s Green Roofs continues to be at the forefront of GreenRoof and Garden Roof installation.


Kelco Construction Residential Division collaborates with some of the NYC tri-state regions most talented landscape architects and designers using skill, creativity, quality materials, and attention to detail we develop and care for the residences of discerning homeowners across the region No matter the scale of the project, we believe the site’s environment drives the design, installation and maintenance of a property. Whether it is a historic residence needing updated amenities, or a newly developed property which needs a sense of place, our services are designed to blend our clients’ needs with the context of the site, allowing them to fully enjoy their property’s potential.

Kelco specializes in building complex landscapes and creating horticultural environments. With this comes a responsibility to maintain and steward these sites to help them reach their maximum potential. We offer full service landscape management & maintenance in both traditional and 100% organic practices. Our teams of trained horticultural professionals provide white glove service to urban residential, cultural and historic sites, commercial facilities, and estate management. We have the highest standards of service and employ the latest technology and best practices to ensure we can meet all needs and expectations. We focus heavily on communication to develop working relationships with our partners and clients in order to anticipate your needs and that of your property for seamless service.